Project update: April 2022

Following our 2021 public consultation on our proposals for the land west of Selborne Road, Alton, Highwood submitted a planning application in April 2022. The application has been validated by East Hampshire District Council and and all plans, reports and consultation responses can be viewed as they are made on the planning portal here using reference 59484.

Details of our original public consultation can still be viewed below.



Welcome to our online public consultation

Welcome to this virtual consultation on draft proposals for a proposed new care home and landscaped gateway open space on the land west of Selborne Road in Alton, Hampshire.

This site has potential to create an attractive gateway into the town and two highly respected landscape architect firms, UBU and Deacon Design, have produced exciting ideas for the new gateway open space.

As a local resident or business, we would like to invite you to view our draft proposals, give feedback on both the care home and gateway ideas and vote on your preferred gateway scheme before a planning application is made to East Hampshire District Council later this year.

The public exhibition will take place at The Alton Assembly Rooms, High Street, Alton GU34 1BA on Friday 8th October (2.30 – 7.30pm) and Saturday 9th October (9.30am – 1.30pm).

You can download our Public Consultation Boards that will be on display during the public exhibition by clicking on the button below. A snapshot of these boards is shown below.

If you would like to contact us regarding these proposals or submit your feedback or vote for your preferred gateway design scheme, please email us

Please provide any comments or feedback by 25th October 2021. Gateway voting closes on 11th October 2021.

Download the Public Consultation document

You can download our Public Consultation Document which contains full details of the proposals.

Download the Public Consultation Document

Our proposals

The proposals comprise the development of a new state-of-the-art care home, including 60 beds and 21 care home apartments along with a new area of landscaped, ‘Gateway’ public open space for Alton.

The site is contiguous with the existing settlement boundary of Alton in a location that is surrounded on three sides by existing development. It represents an ideal location for the provision of high-quality specialist care accommodation for older people, being accessible to future local residents, visitors and staff alike.

The proposed care home beds and apartments will help meet identified needs and the growing demand for such facilities locally and across East Hampshire district.

Please vote on your scheme preference

A key aspect of the consultation relates to options for a landscaped area of ‘Gateway’ public open space proposed in the northern section of the site.

Two highly regarded landscape architect firms have produced ideas for the new Gateway space; UBU and Deacon Design.

Please vote on your preferred option. Whichever achieves the most votes will be selected as the preferred design. We welcome feedback or comments on any aspect of the proposals at the exhibition, online, by email or by post.

A built-up context

The site lies to the west of the A339 Selborne Road approximately 0.9 km from the town centre. It is formed of two sections split by a newly built access road serving residents and businesses in Winchester Road to the west. The northern section measures 0.477 hectares and the southern area measures 1.17 hectares.

The site was previously occupied by a dwelling that was demolished to make way for the new road linking Winchester Road with the new Borovere roundabout.

The northern section of the site is currently used as a construction compound with houses being constructed to the east of the site. The southern section comprises land formerly associated with the demolished house. The site is now viewed with development to the north, east and west and is well contained visually by strong boundary vegetation to the south.

Opportunities and constraints

This board details the opportunities and constraints associated with our proposals. For example, opportunities include:

  • The site is well contained with trees that act as a boundary buffer and privacy.
  • It is enclosed by built development to the north, east and west.
  • It is accessible for future residents, visitors and staff with good access to the town centre, local shops, services and facilities, The Butts and public gardens.
  • Scope to provide a new area of gateway public open space.
  • The southern parcel is ideal for specialist care home accommodation for older people to meet identified local needs.

Planning context – a superb location for elderly care

Planning policies at a national and local level support the provision of care homes where they are proposed in the right locations to meet the growing need for this type of specialist facility. Policies also promote the provision of new green infrastructure, such as public open space and the adoption of good design principles.

Selborne Road offers an opportunity to provide an attractive care home development in an accessible and sustainable location to suit the needs of the elderly in line with national and local planning policies.

The site also has the added potential benefit for an attractive landscaped gateway open space feature on the approach to Alton from the A31/A339.

The need for care

In the context of the planning policy framework set out in the previous board, it is necessary to highlight the need for a care home in this location. This board highlights how the population of the UK is ageing, and it is projected to continue to age.

It also details how existing care provision is insufficient.  By modern standards, most care operators, such as Cinnamon, our proposed care partner for this project, would class a fit-for-purpose home and thus competition as any first registered post-2005.

Within the surrounding five-mile catchment of Alton, not one care home meets this criterion. The existing care stock in the local area is ageing and not of modern, high-quality standard proposed by Highwood and Cinnamon at Selborne Road.

The proposals: The care home

On the southern section of the site, we are proposing a 60 bed and 21 apartment care home facility, with parking and a new access from the existing link road.

The main care home block, Building 1, contains 60 beds along with shared communal elements, i.e. nurse and medical stations, day-spaces, training rooms, hair and beauty rooms, kitchens, offices, cinema and gym. A second block, Building 2, to contain 21 care home apartments is provided alongside.

The buildings will be protected in views from the south by the existing tree belt and of a layout and scale sympathetic to the surrounding area and on-site constraints. This includes ensuring any works are located outside any flood zone associated with the nearby Lavant Stream, important trees, ecology buffer zones and taking account of noise from adjoining roads.

The proposals: Gateway open space

Details of the draft proposals for this area are provided in our boards; a summary of the two schemes that have been submitted are shown on the following board highlights.

There are two schemes to vote for:

UBU Design – OPTION A and Deacon Design – OPTION B

Option A: UBU Design – Coppers Sculpture

The concept proposal comprises two distinct elements which work together to create a unique feature rooted in the history and context of the site, Alton and the surrounding landscape.

The first element draws on the landscape and geology of the area with the creation of a new landform which utilises the underlying chalk and the ancient use of this to create forms and symbols in the landscape.

The second element of the proposal draws on the history of brewing and beer production in Alton. This forms two components: a sculptural form drawing in the form of ‘coppers’ associated with brewing; and the strong graphical style of the packaging and advertising to create the exposed chalk of the landform.

Option B: Deacon Design – a sense of arrival to Alton

These proposals are designed to create a unique sense of arrival for the town that is complementary to Butts Bridge. The concept design includes:

  • Creation of a generous green space shaped with low level landform (wildflower) inspired by the surrounding chalk downs.
  • A feature ‘hydrometer’ sculpture to reflect the town’s brewery heritage.
  • A series of benches on railway lines aligned in the direction of the former routes to Gosport and Basingstoke enabling visitors to stop and relax.
  • Improved connectivity to the Writer’s Way.
  • Use of feature lighting to provide interest both day and night.

Thank you for your interest in this project

If you have any enquiries on this project of would like to talk to us about a site you may be considering for sale, please get in touch.


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