Work with us to deliver high quality homes, communities and land schemes

Highwood is, at its heart, a partnership business and the relationships we have forged and continue to nurture sit at the heart of the Highwood success story.

Together, we’re delivering award-winning housebuilding projects, high-quality care homes and retirement schemes and some of the most exciting land-led developments to have emerged on the south coast.

It’s our aim to build on this powerful partnership framework and join those who share our vision to execute high calibre land-led propositions that will help to transform the lives of our communities and meet every local need. 

Discover more about how we’re using our expertise in property to maximise the value in every site, then contact us if you have a project that would benefit from a powerful partner with the expertise and resources to get it over the line. Please contact Phil Prosser, our Business Development Director, to talk it through.

We’re always looking for new partnership opportunities

If you’re interested in partnering an expert in a construction, land or strategic development project, we’d love to hear from you.