Highwood unveils new North Stoneham Park website

As construction at our landmark community development, North Stoneham Park, continues at an impressive pace, we’re delighted to announce the launch of the Park’s new-look website.

Visit www.northstonehampark.co.uk to see stunning new imagery, including powerful CGIs and the latest visualisations of the Park as it really begins to take shape. We’ve made it easier for visitors to discover the different areas of the Park and to see how the new homes at Avenue Park, Homewood Park and Chestnut Park all relate to each other and the rich landscape that’s being bought to life around them.

 The various house types in Avenue Park and Homewood Park now have even more interesting contextual detail to show exactly where prospective purchasers can find their dream homes and how carefully Highwood’s breathtaking specifications have been applied inside and out.

We’ve also added more useful advice and important information on ways for buyers to make a move to the Park more affordable with Help to Buy and less stressful with our Part Exchange and Assisted Move schemes. Behind it all is Highwood’s superb Customer Care resource that purchasers and visitors can call on at any time with just a click.