Highwood go-kart squad reaches podium in dramatic race

Highwood’s motely crew of determined go-karters has achieved a podium finish in its first serious competition that was held at the Eastleigh Go-Karting Track.

Highwood was asked to put together a team for the annual Premier Recruitment Go Kart Championship, so a makeshift team was formed comprising Andy Bowns, Alistair Prideaux, Blake Lennon and Chris Curtis.

 In a brave and very hard-fought 90-minute endurance race, the team held out for a superb third place, scooping the bronze trophy to enjoy some great podium celebrations and commiserate with the rivals who weren’t quite as successful.

 Chris’s post-race report captured the emotion and pride at the realisation they’d achieved what could have been considered an impossible feat:

 ‘The chequered flag waved and the remaining cars trundled back to the pits.  Amazed at what we’d seen – a great recovery drive from an excessively harsh penalty for nothing more than sheer determination, we discuss whether we should tell Andy where we finished or make him guess. We greet him as he calmly removed his gloves. ‘How did we do? I think I passed a few cars?; he asked. ‘Yep, I told him, we’re third. What a great run!’

 The team hopes for an invitation to the 2018 event in an attempt to go one, possibly two better next time…