Considerate Constructor Highwood Reduces Generator Noise, Emissions and Fossil Fuel Usage

The Highwood Group has been building homes, communities and futures since 1987. Throughout this time, the Highwood Group have remained faithful to a commitment of acquiring land selectively, building sensitively and sustainably, whilst continuing to set benchmarked standards of design and construction.

The Project

Dukes Meadow Care Home is set just over a mile from Waterlooville town centre. This is a three-storey building constructed in a contemporary style using a considered mix of modern and traditional materials on a timber frame. The care home sits within extensive gardens for exclusive use of the residents to enjoy the outdoor space and participate in gardening activities.

The Challenge

The Care Home was being constructed immediately adjacent to residential properties that were occupied. 24/7 temporary power was required to support the build and despite using eco sound barriers, the continuous noise from the diesel generator was intrusive to the neighbouring residents. As a member of the Considerate Constructors Scheme, the Highwood Group were keen to find a cost-effective power solution that reduced both noise and CO2 emissions.

The Solution

ABird integrated their Lithium Harvest Energy System (Harvester) into the power setup, by connecting the Harvester to the 100 kVA diesel generator on site, creating a hybrid power system. This setup provided power for 3 site cabins (1 x office, 1 x canteen, 1 x toilet) and temporary power and lighting for the 80 bed home.

The Harvester was set to continuous ‘Load-Sensing’ mode and constantly monitored the load required for the cabins throughout the day. The Harvester automatically switched off the diesel generator when it was running at low loads, turning the diesel generator back on for higher loads. Whilst the diesel generator was running, the Harvester recharged. Containing lithium energy storage for fast recharging, the Harvester was ideal for the continuous monitoring and supply of power.

The Results

Over a 3-week period, the Harvester provided completely silent power on site without requiring any fuel for 65% of the time.

In just 3 weeks the Harvester:

  • Saved 1,749 Litres of diesel
  • Reduced CO2 emissions by 4.67 Tonnes
  • Delivered 269 hours of completely silent hybrid power (65%)
  • Negated the need to hire eco sound barriers at £80 per week

“The install from ABird was quick and faultless; I was impressed with the running of the silent hybrid system, enabling me to provide power for the welfare, security guard, perimeter lighting and beams, without disturbing the neighbours. The syncing of the hybrid unit and the generator is a bonus as these are set to ‘Auto’ and you can forget about the set up. The web features are great too as you can see exactly how the hybrid unit is performing over the hire period. Highly recommended.”

John Gale, Site Manager for Highwood