Mortgage Advice Bureau (MAB) is one of the UK’s leading network of mortgage brokers and sits on the Park’s approved panel of experts, offering independent mortgage advice and finance solutions to homebuyers. MAB’s Managing Director, Mark Piper, explains why the outlook is rosier than most would expect.

‘Brexit has led to many people putting their next move on hold, that’s true,’ says Mark. ‘But the message from lenders is that it’s very much business as usual. There’s an increasing number of schemes that are designed to help first-time buyers, interest rates remain remarkably competitive and there’s still an appetite among high street lenders to lend. Since the government is so determined to support home ownership, buyers shouldn’t be cautious to look around.

‘There are also some signs that the summer could herald a rise in property prices, as has been predicted by one of the UK’s leading property industry institutions. Essentially, the message from us is that the market is still strong and there is sufficient stock available – it really is time for homeowners to stop using Brexit as an excuse to hold fire and to start planning their next move.

‘We would urge any prospective purchaser to talk to a qualified, professional financial advisor as early on in the process as possible. Problems arise when buyers find the home of their dreams, but then find they can’t afford it or they’re not ready. We need as much time as possible to source the most suitable mortgage product for them, to get their finances in place and get approved by a lender so they can go and find their perfect property and make an offer they know is affordable and ready to go.’

Mortgage Advice Bureau is the UK’s leading mortgage intermediary brand, winning over 70 national awards for the quality of its advice and service during the last five years. MAB has 1250 advisors based across the country and all have access to the latest mortgage deals – some of which aren’t available on the high street and are exclusive to Mortgage Advice Bureau.

You can find out more about MAB by visiting – you can also check how much you can borrow here. Call 01252 710000 to talk to the team directly.