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We have a proven track record in selective land acquisition and take an intelligent approach to allocation and planning. Our in-house specialist resources are without parallel in an industry that sees land move rapidly and ensure we can make swift, considered decisions that don’t rely on time-consuming board judgements.

Highwood’s commitment to land acquisition and development is core to our business activities. Our vision to procure and regenerate brownfield, greenfield and neglected sites for the benefit of the community, the housing supply chain and the environment has driven our achievements for many years.

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Key to our success is land purchasing expertise is decades of experience in strategic land planning. Our land heritage spans a range of development disciplines, from strategic, long-term sites that are suitable for large-scale, mixed-use schemes and complex regeneration and urban expansion to community and residential, retirement and nursing home projects.

We’re always looking for new opportunities to create, regenerate and transform land across the south coast. If you’re a landowner of a site in excess of one acre that might be of interest to us, please get in touch.

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