• We use pre-insulated timber frame wall panels that are installed with reflective PIR insulation and an air tightness pack so the building envelope is sealed to eliminate drafts.
  • We use 100% LED lighting throughout every home.
  • We fit A-rated gas boilers with seven-year warranties.
  • We use 300mm double-layer mineral wool loft insulation.
  • Loft access hatches are insulated and airtight.
  • Our in-roof solar PV systems offset energy usage and reduce at least 1 ton of carbon per household.
  • Hermetically sealed, argon-filled UPVC windows have low energy, soft-coated glass for energy-savings of 1.2 U-value.
  • Every home is fitted with A+ rated kitchen appliances.

Helping to achieve dramatic cost savings for buyers

These measures are helping Highwood achieve maximum energy efficiency ratings and dramatic cost savings for new-build buyers when compared with owners of older properties. In the current environment of economic uncertainty, these savings can be a lifeline to homeowners; is estimated that 2.55 million people in the UK already live in fuel poverty. This is hardly surprising when you consider that the average dual fuel variable tariff as of April 2019 is £104.50 per month or £1,254 a year, says Ofgem, the energy market regulator.

According to a report compiled by the Home Builders Federation in October 2017, ‘new build home owners will spend on average £443.30 a year (£276 heating / £108 hot water / £60 lighting), well under half of the £1,072 the owner of an older home can expect to spend – saving, on average, £52 a month, or £629 a year’. 

Housing accounts for almost 30% of the UK’s energy use so we’re proud to be helping to deliver real benefits for the environment. As a respected, award-winning developer, Highwood is determined to play our part to help shrink the UK’s carbon footprint and to support the government’s goal of making new homes carbon neutral by 2050. Not that we’re waiting that long – our plans for ultra-low zero-carbon development are already on the drawing table. Watch this space for more information about those…

In the meantime, if you want to find out more about Highwood’s energy efficient homes, read our article about timber frame construction at North Stoneham Park and watch our video to discover seven reasons why a Highwood home is cheap to run.