Wise words for those thinking of a career in construction

Sharon Robinson, Managing Estimator 

Women bring a balance to the construction industry which is still very male dominated. Highwood is lucky to count women in many important roles within the business and I’m sure their influence can only be seen as a constructive one.

I would encourage any woman thinking about a career in construction to find out about all the varied roles available, not just on site, but in the supporting of the site projects such as design, estimating, accounts and surveying.  There are specialist roles in planning, ecology, energy and renewables, building regulations, fire and acoustics among many others.  Site management and trades roles also cover a multitude of disciplines. 

The best way to find out about all these career options is to talk to industry professionals and experience the industry in some form of initial short-term placement with a construction company.

Samantha Andrews, Group Managing Surveyor

I think woman have a huge role to play in this industry. It has changed a lot over the years and the old stereotypes are long gone. Construction projects involve many aspects such as site management, design, accounts, commercial and admin support. Working as a team, with diversity in the team with regard to personalities and backgrounds, can really help with new ideas, problem solving and resolving differences. Women may have unique life experiences and talents that they can bring to the team.

If you’re thinking of a career in the industry – go for it!  It’s an interesting career with defined paths for advancing if that’s what you want, and there are so many varied roles, whether office or site based, and many roles involve a bit of both which is great. There is something to suit everyone and it’s great fun too.

Tracey Haywood, Highwood's Finance Manager

Highwood Quantity Surveyor, Lacey Hailstones who joined us as a graduate

Lacey Hailstones, Quantity Surveyor

I decided to follow a career in the construction industry because I wanted to do something different and I felt it would be a good fit for me. 

Women bring a different set of skills to roles within this sector, which ultimately benefit everyone. To those who are thinking about the possibility of pursuing a career in construction, I would wholeheartedly echo my colleagues and say ‘go for it!’

Louisa Nicholls, Construction Administrator

I’ve always been in interested in housing – I did my work experience at 15 in a letting agency and have worked for a number of letting agents and another house builder since then.

Women play just as much of an important role in the industry as men and offer much-needed diversity in what still appears to be a male dominated work environment. 

To those thinking about working within the industry, I would say ‘go for it’ – it’s a far more rewarding career  than you might think. I find every day is varied and there are a good mix of characters. There’s also a good work ethic both in the office and on site.

Trish Olaofe, Customer Care Manager at Highwood

Thinking of a career in the construction sector? Talk to us!

Charlotte Wilson, Customer Care Administrator

I wanted to develop my skills, gain a more detailed understanding of the sector and how women can prove to be an asset and add value and strength to what is still seen as a male dominated industry. Women add value by sharing a softer approach and different ideas and understanding the knock-on effects of how a resident may be impacted by certain maintenance issues. These are assets for the industry and benefit all parties who play their own part in construction.

All of us can add value to any role, whether female or male. Women also tend to have a different style of tackling a problem. No offence to a man’s train of thought, but women can add a different perspective and value to all sides of the industry. In turn, this will strengthen a woman’s profile in our industry.

Talk to Highwood about a career in construction

Highwood is always on the look-out for exceptional talent and the developing the skills of those wanting to experience a career in the construction sector. If you’re a woman thinking of moving into the industry to add value and to help create change, please keep an eye on our Careers pages for vacancies. If you would like to talk through your career options or get advice on making your next step, please contact us.

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